They are used to grow peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries and more in both low tech and high tech environments. Learn More. Millenniumsoils Coir naturally ages its Coconut Coir to ensure a quality product to the grower. As the first nationally distributed coco fiber-based soil company, Royal Gold has been re-setting the standard for quality, consistency and performance for nearly a decade. Available in several proven blends These 1 meter (apprx 3 ft) grow bags are filled with compressed coir that expand to the size of the bag. RIOCOCO PCM OTBs (Open Top Bags) are produced with a special blend of coconut fiber that unlike other coir products combines coir, coco pith, and coco chips to create the industries most balanced and unifrom soilless substrate. grow bags . Depending on the crop, growers may custom blend a combination of fiber or use Fibredust 1 meter grow bags which we provide with 2 different ratios of coir pith to coir chunks or chips. Growing Microgreens in Coconut Coir. The growing medium can be any organic medium like . Let’s take a moment to cover the pros of this grow medium. Millenniumsoils Coir Growbags are free of tannins and pathogens. This coco coir . Fibredust growbags grow food world wide! ... From building a custom grow bags, private product labeling, custom product size and volume, we can match all your need. Factory Direct OMRI Listed Supplier of 100% Natural Coconut Coir, Coco Peat & Coco Fiber Products. The Benefits Of Using Coconut Coir. The first step in growing microgreens in coconut coir is to make sure that you use a properly processed coconut coir. With nutrients already added, the customer has to do only planting and watering. We pre-cut drainage and planting holes, and pre-drill dripper holes according to your requirements. The GreenStarter ® bag is available either as a traditional cocopeat / cocochip blended mix, or just cocochip to allow better management of your water. The mixture of coco material can be tailor-made, adding coconut or other nutrients to enhance growth. GreenStarter ® bags. or other organic materials. Ideal porosity for maximum root growth. Figure 1: loose coco can be used to fill grow bags of various sizes to suit the plants being produced. With the right coco coir nutrients in your water bath, your plants spend less time searching for food and more time growing. 18 Years of Experience. Block size dimension 30 X 30 X 10 cm (+/- 2 cm); Block weight 5 kg (+/- 2%); CoCo Coir Peat is the binding material that comes from the fiber fraction of the coconut husk.A very Special Grade of coir dust is washed, screened and graded before being processed into various CoCo Coir Peat products for CoCo Coir Peat is a multi-purpose soil conditioner and growing medium. High Air Filled Porosity (about 26-28%) and it facilitate a better aeration for the roots. MassCoco Grow bags are made using high quality coir fiber, coir pith and coco chips. ... Coco Filled Bags are an ideal solution especially for fruit grown plants. My favorite brand is here! Quick harvests and big yields: When used for drain-to-waste growing, coco coir gives excellent results. Coco coir grow bags . coco peat . Coconut is grown every year and you don’t have to worry about depleting a finite global resource when you use coconut coir unlike petroleum. can withstand any weather condition. By Dr Lynette Morgan, Suntec. are plastic bags filled with . Talk to our sales team. coco peat or coco coir inside the grow bags. Hydroponic Grow Bags are available in a variety of air/water combinations that allow each grower to control the water content on a daily or seasonal basis.