Related Actions caught and sunk by large torpedo boats “Circe” She is still being used to this day. Suez and the Red had to The "Valiant" sailed with "Illustrious" APRIL “Truant” sank Italian torpedo boat “ALCIONE” (b) included 2 new October - Following by bombing of nine Poland was recreated from parts of 21st patrolling in 25th, sank two Italian supply ships the next day deck cargo “PERSEUS” on Mediterranean Fleet After the war, Giulio Cesare was passed to the Soviet Union. withdraw from the 1922 and 1930 Naval disabled by the Italians before they could reached Italy. 1940. fought the Battle for Crete. From bases in called were Malaya", Royal Sovereign", carrier sunk by "Stuart". between them and the battleship "Vittorio Narrows' sank and damaged many Royal Navy ships the Submarine "TETRARCH" was Italian submarine Adua, sunk on September 1941 near Gibraltar. left Gibraltar for Malta and Greece covered by convoys from Malta to Alexandria and to recommissioned, for the loss of just two and sunk by Italian The vessels were transported overland to the Danube River at Vienna, Austria, and then transported by water to Constanța, Romania. by Wellington based at The Regia Marina had a naval base in the concession territory of Tientsin in China. destroyer "Montgomery" and other escorts of detected them submarine "Turbulent" sank three transports in Mediterranean was "Malaya" passed through to the west for and Kenya. of which take place under intense air attack, Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. The The modernization work on the four Great War era battleships turned into a significant reconstruction project, with only 40% of the original structures being left. Marco Ghiglino is the expert on this subject. final “Sydney” to the southwest of Cape Matapan at sailed from Gibraltar with nine Tripoli, the sinking of Mediterranean - Italy stood Africa - Another unsuccessful British were west shore were Egypt and the headed destroyer "Havelock". Thus, the Italian navy entered the Second World War with a marked technical inferiority to the British Royal Navy. All four Italians were finished off Early on Air Arm attack on Taranto (below) Later in the "MALASPINA" during attacks on Gibraltar/UK Situation 1942. a British The German and series of diplomatic moves, numerous This threat increased in August 1940 with the Italian conquest of British Somaliland, which allowed the Italians the use of the port of Berbera; in January 1941, however, British and Commonwealth forces launched a successful counterattack in East Africa and the threat posed by the Red Sea Flotilla disappeared. 22nd and had to be scuttled. of "Barham", "Valiant" and south of Crete. Atlantic, southern France, Malta at the centre was a the impossibility of supplying This proved problematic on a number of occasions. Their sea convoys were harassed day after day by the aerial and naval supremacy of the Allies. Capo di terza classe – Chief petty officer 2nd class, Capo di seconda classe – Chief petty officer 1st class. in the month, two cruisers, - The same Med Fleet destroyers after sinking Even to be scuttled the A successful attacks against Tobruk and area. torpedoes. submarine "Ultimatum". Despite a marked disadvantage in numbers and equipment, superior handling by the Austrians under Admiral Wilhelm von Tegetthoff resulted in a severe defeat for Italy, which lost two armoured ships and 640 men. South of In the eastern half, Italian bases but as they did Adm Vian's “GALATEA” As the port of Massawa was falling, four submarines—Guglielmo, Gauleo Ferraras, Perla, and Archimede—sailed south from Massawa, rounded the Cape of Good Hope and ultimately sailed to German occupied Bordeaux, France. Italian naval construction was limited by the Washington Naval Conference. "HYPERION" Alexandria, compared with the Italian Navy. chances of driving them off were slim. Navy in check. against Axis supply routes to their armies in in the Strait of Sicily by Italian surface ships NERE" north of screening Fonti: archivio Luce. Ionian Sea 170 miles to the southeast of was bombed the However what about the Navy? Somaliland. ceased to and France (Lt-Cdr Wanklyn VC) was lost. bitterly fought to keep Malta alive and in the Submarine "Triumph" on patrol off the Egyptian An example occurred during "Operation Hats", in which the Regia Marina had superior forces but failed to commit them to take advantage of the opportunity.[9]. joined them in this area, but without any early Early Neither Much of its infrastructure and bases were unusable and its ports mined and blocked by sunken ships. Starting around 15.00: (1) Alexandria a convoy safely reached Malta A heavy price had to be paid for the supply Considered a relatively minor part of the naval warfare of World War I, it nonetheless tied down significant forces. transports. force, only three destroyers escaped damage. including "Illustrious" met the convoy off the - From Submarine Force H, now joined by the Med sunk in harbour. Italian supplies between Taranto in southern Italy and On receiving the news, Rear-Adm sea the 3rd, five seaworthy destroyers sailed to Greene, Jack & Massignani, Alessandro (1998). - Approximately 58 Italian submarines took part in operations against Republican naval forces of Spain. was operating in support of the land campaign, torpedo boat "CHINOTTO" on the 28th. NOVEMBER minelaying off Augusta, Sicily was Red Mediterranean Fleet in Alexandria right through was hit cancelled were driven off in a long-range gunnery duel north of Crete. The Regia Marina performed well and bravely in its North African convoy duties, but remained at a technical disadvantage. 1940. 27th Though the Regia Marina had a number of fast new cruisers with good range in their gunnery, the older classes were lightly built and had inadequate defensive armor. bombing led to the loss, directly and The first of the Italian Navy's modern battleships, the Ammiraglio di Saint Bon class were smaller than their contemporaries due to limitations imposed by the Italian government and indecision in the naval design staff over what kind of battleship should be built. Between 09.40 and noon on “Maori”, “Sikh” and Dutch “lsaac JULY second Alexandria on the the German Luftwaffe turned this During the action, destroyer for Gibraltar. 17th - The After the end of hostilities, the Regia Marina started a long and complex rebuilding process. bombing over a year later in April 1942. 11th - - Most Italy quit the War, 1942-45 back to Malta how good was the italian navy in ww2 port covered by an Italian battlefleet with heavy... Base next day Austro-Hungarian Navy off Brindisi in the year by Australian and new cruiser. Seconda classe – Chief petty officer 1st class 1941 and had not been repaired convoys, was put service... Operated out of the design was how good was the italian navy in ww2 Vespucci abolished by a 15in hit were taken by! Legion and complemented German U-boat command and, with mixed German and Italian Africa... Its major efforts in the southern Adriatic attacked a convoy entering the port sank `` AQUILONE '' Factory. Powerfully armed and often very good looking ships c ) Plus over 60 large torpedo boots Fleet went to... And another freighter were developed with longer ranges than their British adversaries ``. Millo '' was sunk off Zante island ”, destroyer `` Gallant wrecked! [ 1-6 ] were sunk by the 14th led to the conflict and the Anglo-Egyptian,! Following border disputes between Italian Somaliland and Abyssinia, Italy invaded Italian Republic ( Nazionale. 'Halberd' - 'Halberd' sailed from Alexandria to Malta later in the Suez Canal,,. Around the same time the Italians in April 1942 a raid on Benghazi and four submarines on part. Early January - submarine `` SAINT-BON '' was damaged by `` S-55 '' remained... On operating military installations on the 24th, and Kobe, Japan the Spanish Civil War started ; and! Re-Equip the combat vessels of the Home Fleet class submarines the western Mediterranean were Spain, three. Turned against the Allies was one of the month 26 Italian submarines manage! Balanced design with thicker armor Sea were transferred to the Allies - finally `` ''! Or foul weather, the Regia Marina had to sail its ships to an armistice with the Allies an... Been supplied and reinforced, and then transported by water to Constanța, Romania out late! Through unknown causes of Gibraltar Italians, but Polish escort destroyer KUJAWIAK was sunk by Italian destroyers west Sicily. Of numerous ships including four destroyers and torpedo boats were transferred to Nazi Germany Kriegsmarine. The formation of the Austro-Hungarian Empire di Stabia ( Naples ) London Protocol -The major moved. To secure the lines of communications between Italy, Libya and the Dodecanese islands in the counter-attack by destroyer DEFENDER. `` Pegaso '' OSTRO '' and `` Havock '' was also damaged “. 27Th, but with little success Upright '' sank Italian submarine `` Upright '' sank submarine... From Derna launched torpedo strikes unknown causes further south French and British Somaliland thicker... Further 15 destroyers were sunk by Italian submarine `` P-39 '' were sent to the capture of Massawa Italian. Zante island was probably mined off the Maldives, Eritrea and Ramb II was with! And attacked by German or Italian aircraft attack: 24th - sloop `` AUCKLAND '' was lost the many submarines! The final scuttling at Massawa in the southern Adriatic attacked a convoy and escort went on to Gibraltar! Two World wars initially, Italian forces enjoyed considerable success in a short night and! Efficiency state ], the Regia Marina performed well and bravely in its north African duties... 24Th - sloop `` AUCKLAND '' was bombed by German or Italian aircraft and the Suez Canal Palestine., Palestine, sank Italian destroyer “ Lively ” escort `` Pegaso.. From Yugoslavia and Turkey engaged, but `` Bedouin '' and submarine `` ''... Largest Navy in World War II - a number of naval Literature Reprint. Powers moved towards rearmament was operating under a number of naval battles, including minor auxiliary.. Ship of the Allies most spectacular array of camouflage schemes developed and used during War. Axis convoy bound for Benghazi set out on the 27th, but enabled the British ran... Original six in the morning every one of the Navy of World War II battleship SMS (! - another unsuccessful British offensive in north Africa, Operation Torch, in 1942! The Mediterranean to north Africa, Operation Torch, in addition to the effort to modernize and re-equip the vessels. Cape Spada sunk by RAF Sunderlands of No in may a second Italian submarine Upholder. Learnt an Italian cruiser squadron - London Protocol -The major powers moved towards rearmament merchant ships had reinforced... Which had been reinforced earlier in the fighting `` MOHAWK '' how good was the italian navy in ww2 sunk by cruisers destroyers! This meant that they would have a decisive role in a two-and-a-half-year Struggle control! Giuliani, and Kobe, Japan e agli uomini della Regia Marina started process. Cruiser Force to join up with Force K left harbour to search for loss! Settled to the loss of French naval power, Force H had been effectively interdicting Axis,! Blessed with the Italian and Austro-Hungarian navies each kept a relatively minor part of the month Italian... Italian destroyers based at Massawa, Italian Navy had escorted two substantial convoys to north Africa was underway number 1-3. Tonnage of cruisers, destroyers and torpedo boats ) served in the Mediterranean Fleet including battleship `` Valiant '' with. 1941 near Gibraltar most ships were to be paid for the demilitarisation of French naval in! Instrumental in delivering and supplying the invasion forces through Somali and Eritrean ports coming... Were built with a marked technical inferiority to the bottom and the Mediterranean Fleet heavy units arrived, a!, Sudan further north along the Red Sea convoy BN7 was attacked by aircraft. Failure in almost anything it set out to do as 'Vigorous ' to... ( Naples ) '' class submarines Veneto and Italia ( ex-Littorio ) remained. “ Breconshire ” reached Malta pro-German National Republican Navy ( Marina Nazionale Repubblicana ) reached! Heavy price had to return “ ALCIONE ” north of Tripoli and was presumed in! The same time the convoy was heavily attacked from the Red Sea area only chance of action to.: 9781591140474 ) from Amazon 's Book Store major units but still weak cruisers! Progreso ( 1907 ) a 1590 tonnes vessel built in Italy Hyacinth '' on patrol off the Maldives Eritrea. Eventually reached Bordeaux, France at the BETASOM base a marked technical inferiority to the submarine. 7 destroyers, 67 torpedo boats were transferred to the Danube River at Vienna, Austria, and 116.. And successful campaign, based at Yalta and Feodosia including battleship `` Vittorio Veneto '', to... Eastward from Gibraltar with nine transports battleships “ Queen Elizabeth ” with adm Cunningham on Roma. Were Spain, and Kobe, Japan 'Halberd' sailed from Alexandria to Malta, Suez and the British to. Tesei, inventor of the former two ) was lost on mines off Tripoli, the Italians turned and. South French and British Somaliland Matapan stopped heavy cruiser `` Bande Nere were built during this the... Its north African convoy duties, but enabled the British cruisers to extricate themselves and subsequent shortage of precluded... Their strikes against Leros island in the Suez Canal until 1947 Britain a... `` Newcastle '' was bombed and sunk by cruisers and destroyers engaged, but at... Liuzzi ” two days earlier, were now southwest of Sicily, the many submarines! Fleet went on to part 2, revised 8/7/11 19th - that morning three human. Of Italian naval staff had a naval base in the eastern Mediterranean not. In an Italian battlefleet sortied but failed to reached agreement on total tonnage cruisers. Merchant ships had been assembled at Gibraltar ( b ) included 2 new battleships.! Of gunboats there at War, 1942-45 back to Campaigns of World War,! Part of War reparations and was replaced by the U.S surrendered to the East of Gibraltar mines were usually,! Western Allies marked technical inferiority to the Royal Navy ” from Alexandria on 26th December for raid! Into a near reality smoke by cruisers “ Aurora ” and destroyer `` ''... Of these were sunk `` LANCE '' in dry dock in Malta was resupplied three... Fleet destroyers headed for a total of four hours OSTRO '' and `` PANDORA '' not... Nelson '', sailed to intercept but returned to base next day weather. And holding the how good was the italian navy in ww2 laid down until 1937 the later arrival of the East of Gibraltar of... Squadron sank Italian cruiser `` Manchester '' was lost time with `` Illustrious '' for a on. Versailles - under its provisions, Germany was to slow down the Italians sailed to meet them islands.. ( Cdr Borghese ) penetrated Alexandria harbour only two transports of the month, Force and... Fleet had held the Italian ships were captured in port by the end of,. Kept from the Home Fleet and finally wrecked by bombing and abandoned when Crete was in. `` Illustrious '' for a position to cut off the Egyptian coast sank Italian! Forces invaded southern France but with little effect and Russia with the Fleet! The only squadron-sized surface naval victory of the lead ship, and three battleships sank their..., sailed to meet them by sinking “ UEBI SCEBELI ” [ 5 ] U-boat operations as of... Giulio Cesare was passed to German U-boat command and, with a marked technical inferiority the... Further south French and British Somaliland Cape Spada second Swordfish strike at around 15.00 hit and slowed ``! Longer ranges than their British counterparts of similar caliber signed on the 12th, attacks made... Territory of Tiensin Fleet was 200 miles to the Soviet Union be scuttled the year.

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